Fuel Efficiency Booster Super Waste Processor (Organic Waste Decomposer )


Welcome to Daimaru Seisakusho’s web site.

We design and manufacture iron products, stainless steel products, aluminum products, and weld construction chassis.
Our flexible, customer-focused approach enables us to propose and deliver high quality and high precision products at low cost, from single items to mass produced products, in which customers are 100% satisfied.

Corporate Philosophy

“We value people and contribute to the creation of a society rich in both material and spirit.”

Services and Products

  • Designing and manufacturing welded steel chassis
  • Steel plate work and sheet-metal processing
  • Specialized containers (pallets)
  • Factory equipment
  • Jigs and tools
  • Construction machinery components
  • Dollies, assembly platforms, mounts
  • Manufacturing and sales of barbeque grills and accessories

Designing and manufacturing samples


Organic Waste Decomposer「SWP」 – YouTube

1. How SWP solves waste problems – YouTube

2. SWP reduces the volume of wastes to 1/100 – YouTube

3. Ash removal is only every three months – YouTube

4. SWP is easy to use (no skills needed) – YouTube